About Rosie Loves Vintage

"Collect the things that you love, that are authentic to you and your house becomes your story" - Erin Flett, Designer

About Suzanne

The company name 'Rosie Loves Vintage' derives from Suzanne Wilce's (the company founder) daughters name.

Suzanne comes from a family line of antiques and dealer enthusiasts, Suzanne has developed a huge knowledge base around a range of vintage styles and products. Her years of experience within the vintage trade feed her knowledge and enthusiasm for vintage home decor. Suzanne is the owner of Rosie Loves Vintage, a unique vintage shop in Hampshire which stocks anything from embroidered vintage linens to Victorian pews; a treasure trove of vintage home wares waiting to be discovered.

When not in the shop, Suzanne can be found scouring local flea markets, boot sales and auctions and enjoys regular inspirational visits to the French flea markets.

Rosie Loves vintage was shortlisted for three separate business awards in 2014 whilst Suzanne herself, was a regional finalist in the Woman Of The Year awards.

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The Vintage Girls Handbook

Welcome to the world of vintage! The Vintage Girl’s Handbook is an inspirational and creative guide to sourcing, buying and restoring all things vintage in the UK and across the waters in France. Whether you want the ultimate vintage home or choose to add the odd collectible to your surroundings, the handbook in ebook format is packed with insider tips and practical advice on sourcing genuine fabulous finds.

A nostalgia for simpler times has inspired our love for home wares in recent years but what are the collectible items that are in demand right now? This book outlines some of the more popular vintage trends and offers advice on how and where to source them. Detailing the history of vintage and its role in interior design and fashion, this book will guide you towards creating the look you desire for your home or your wardrobe whilst offering advice and guidance.

The shabby chic style has exploded onto the scene in the last few decades and has proved to be the perfect way to upcycle old furniture. Learn the history of this popular trend and master the skills you need to competently use chalk paint and upholster your own furniture.

Whether you wish to create your own unique vintage style, learn how to buy well in France or start your own thriving business, this handbook will provide a sound understanding of the vintage world.

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