About Rosie Loves Vintage

"Collect the things that you love, that are authentic to you and your house becomes your story" - Erin Flett, Designer

About Suzanne

Suzanne Wilce, known locally as Rosie, has a lifetime of experience and memories that feed her knowledge and enthusiasm for vintage home wares. Suzanne has developed a huge knowledge base around vintage and antique furniture and has years of experience in upcycling and restoring furniture to a high standard.

Suzanne can often be found scouring local flea markets, boot sales and auctions to fill her home and shop with beautiful vintage wares. A personal pleasure is to visit the inspirational brocante's in France, returning with a van full of delights.

Rosie Loves Vintage In The Press

In 2014, Rosie Loves Vintage was shortlisted for three regional business excellence awards whilst in 2015, Suzanne herself was shortlisted in the regional ' Woman Of the Year' awards. Suzanne also took Rosie Loves Vintage to Kirstie Allsopps' 'The Handmade Fair' in 2015 where Kirstie named her as one of the top 100 crafters in the UK. Rosie Loves Vintage has appeared in numerous publications including The Guardian, The Sun Homes & Antiques & Perfect Wedding Magazines.

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The Vintage Girls Handbook

Suzanne has recently written and published 'The Vintage Girls Handbook', currently available on amazon kindle. The book offers a mountain of knowledge, advice and experience to the vintage lover whether they want to create the perfect vintage home or start their own vintage business.

Suzanne offers tips on where to source items and how to create the perfect vintage home, advising on current vintage trends, how to buy in France and discloses the tools to effectively navigate the buying process. With a comprehensive explanation on the history of vintage and why it has become so popular in today's society, the book is a must for the vintage lover.

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